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Close Window exit script

Question asked by antidote on Apr 21, 2009
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Close Window exit script

Description of the issue

Experience an issue with window behavior while a script is being executed.  It is being handled differently  between FM10 and FM9.FM9 if you have a close window script step all the remaining script steps would be executed.  In a multi-file solution, the close window script will cause the script to Exit (not Halt), if the window is the last window related to that file. The parent script will continue execute. Therefore, all script steps and  sub-scripts are not executing below the Close Window. This is not consistent with Knowledge Base Article 7041 which acknowledges a change in behavior from FM9 to FM10, but states that if the current window is not available the script will continue to run on the active window. There is an easy work around which is to replace all the Close Windows with Adjust Window[Hide]  Tim