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Close Window Script not working

Question asked by Germain on Mar 25, 2011
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Close Window Script not working


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i have a Button in my Layout called LIST. If i click on it , a new window pop's up with the List of all my Customers. In that List , i want to be able to Click on a Button , which i created, so that specific Name or Customer is selected , and the window closes, and goes back to the original Layout.

Everything works, except that it does not select the customer i clck.

Here are the scripts :

List Button Script on Main window :

New Window (Name : "Liste Clients"; Top :60; Left :60)
Go to Layout ("Layout Liste" (CLIENT))
Enter Browse Mode ()

And here is the Select Button in the List Layout :

Go to Related Record (From table : "CLIENT" ; Using layout : "Clients_Main" (CLIENT))
Close Window (Current Window)

Thanks for the help