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    Close Window Script not working



      Close Window Script not working


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      i have a Button in my Layout called LIST. If i click on it , a new window pop's up with the List of all my Customers. In that List , i want to be able to Click on a Button , which i created, so that specific Name or Customer is selected , and the window closes, and goes back to the original Layout.

      Everything works, except that it does not select the customer i clck.

      Here are the scripts :

      List Button Script on Main window :

      New Window (Name : "Liste Clients"; Top :60; Left :60)
      Go to Layout ("Layout Liste" (CLIENT))
      Enter Browse Mode ()

      And here is the Select Button in the List Layout :

      Go to Related Record (From table : "CLIENT" ; Using layout : "Clients_Main" (CLIENT))
      Close Window (Current Window)

      Thanks for the help

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          This is a post better suited for posting to the FM Pro forum. Report an Issue is intended for reporting possible bugs in the software.

          It's doing what you told it to do, just not what you want it to do Wink

          Go To Related Records is acting on the window you have open, not on the original window. Thus, it brings up the related record in the floating window and then closes it before you can even see that it has done so.

          Try this approach instead: (I am assuming both windows are on layouts that refer to CLIENT)

          Set Variable [$ClientID ; Client::ClientID] //use your field names in place of mine
          Close Window
          Enter Find Mode[]
          Set Field [Client::ClientID ; $CLientID]
          Perform Find[]

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            Great , it works !!!

            Thanks a lot for your help , and sorry for for posting wrongly ;-) I will change that next time, as more problems will show up :-)