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    Closing debugger window



      Closing debugger window

      Description of the issue

      I believe this has been mentioned before but it is very dangerous and should be fixed.  When we are debugging and close the WINDOW, the script runs ahead full speed.  It should not.  To Windows users, closing a window doesn't cause an action and should not cause a script to run (or continue).  No matter how I try to remember, I have forgotten and a script can do dangerous things.  Debugger is on for just those sorts of protections and for it to let a scrip run wild by simple window closure is dangerous. Please have debugger window close TERMINATE debugger and not run scripts.  Thank you.

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          Steve Wright

          Im not too sure on this one myself, in two minds....


          I actually like the fact that closing the debugger once I have finished watching a few actions I set out to, will continue without further interruption.  I can see your point also, I guess I just got into the habit of halting the script myself if it needs to be..


          Perhaps the answer here is to present a question when closing the window.

          Do you wish to continue to run the script or halt the script ?  

          Such as closing a script edit window asks do you want to save or cancel.


          Now that I wouldn't mind

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            Point taken.  And thank you for responding!  I guess I see it this way ... if I didn't want to continue and it does - it can cause great damage.  If I wanted to continue and it doesn't, a simple click would close it.  But asking would be great too.


            The thing is ... in prior versions (I think 9 and back but maybe only 8.5 and back), closing the window would terminate the script.  Not only is it difficult to break an old habit (which I'm willing to do) but it is sooooo dangerous.


            UPDATE:  FMI should follow the example of Apple and put the least dangerous response to Custom Dialog as the default.  If it is dangerous to continue, button 2 should be the go-ahead and the default button should be used to protect the User.  Protect from the dangerous is the call here.  The Developer can use protecting a bit as well as the User.  Our scripts can do a great deal of damage very quickly before we could get it stopped.

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              I agree that having the script continue automatically when you close the debugger is a very bad idea. I haven't had to learn any new habits here having Jumped from 5.5 to 10 and I still make that mistake from time to time and then watch my troubled script do very bad things that I didn't want to have happen.:smileysad:


              At the very least, there should be a confirmation dialog asking us if we want to continue or halt the script.

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                PhilModJunk wrote:

                At the very least, there should be a confirmation dialog asking us if we want to continue or halt the script.

                I also have always had a problem with this since it was implemented and to this day.  It is not intuitive.  I like your suggestion, Phil.


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                  Actually that suggestion was made by SWS and I simply agreed with it.

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                    Thank you for your comments.


                    I am reported this to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments as an inconsistency with previous versions with potential for data loss.  I will keep you posted as information becomes available to me.



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                      Thank you, TSGal.