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Closing Unexpectedly

Question asked by josebetzy on Oct 26, 2012
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Closing Unexpectedly


FileMaker Pro



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Windows XP Pro

Description of the issue

For some reason while the client is working it just closes. At times it would say that windows had to close due to a problem. Some times it just closes without saying anything. We have run virus checks, malware trojan checks, etc and all reports clean.

This started when we moved over to 12 from 11. We have installed the recent 12.03 and the Advanced Server is up to date. Yet it continues on some PC's but not all. It does not happen on Windows 7 machines only on the XP and they are all up to date.

Now this is the only customer that it is happening becuase the others do not report this problem and they are on Pro 12 up to date also.

Any ideas let us know. Thank you.

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