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collersettings by making a tabel graphics grrrr

Question asked by KoosVanRaalte on Jun 18, 2012


collersettings by making a tabel graphics grrrr


FileMaker Pro


filemaker pro advanged

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Description of the issue

collersettings by making a tabel graphics.

I have a client that necessarily want his own color schemes in the table graphics.

when is it possible to set this yourself. For example, pallet themes to make bij myself?
there is a plugin to buy it yourself to do so?
is in y=the next update ??

I lose a client now he considers himself to build a data base. grr

Steps to reproduce the problem


Expected result

adjus collors in a tabel graphics by myself...

Actual result

the wrong colors in tabel graphics

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

nu error massages


a upload the collorsets as pdf. look at the colors in the tabel graphics