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Column Chart Scale resizes width of columns.

Question asked by Harry on Mar 29, 2015
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Column Chart Scale resizes width of columns.


FileMaker Pro


Operating system version

Win7 64bit

Description of the issue

A column Chart is built and the scales are set from 0 - 50,000. 'Months' field is plotted across the bottom and shows as text 'January - December'.

A Y data set is added, 'Forecasted_Sales' which is in the Months table and is a text field entered by hand.

This chart is Transparent and has grey text on the axis.

This is then Copy/Pasted so a second identical version is aligned on top.

The second chart on top is then edited and a different field required for the Y is changed in the field. Still Months, but from a Calc field referencing another table occurance.

(This Calc field is a Sum total from a table occurance that holds Sales_Orders.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

Tried using hand-entered (non Calc'd) fields/data.

Tried going through Issue and then swapping back to original data (this works and returns the chart to it's 'working' state).

Expected result

I expect both charts to align perfectly with each other, the columns on the uppermost chart overlay the forecast columns and 'grow' into the 'container' of the underneath chart.

This gives the viewer an instant view of whether the Forecasted Sales have been acheived.

Ideally, Forecasted Sales, Entered Sales and Shipped Sales should be shown with Red, Orange and Green columns representing those three stats.

Actual result

The data shows, but the graph has resized it's X axis scale - the columns are thinner and the distance between them is also thinner. This result is a chart that does not align over the chart underneath.

Both charts have boundary boxes that are the same size and remain unchanged through the copy/paste process and through the change of Y data.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message, chart resolves.

Configuration information

Data from MySQL table occurnance provides data for Calc'd SUM function that is the 'Total_Sales' field plotted on the graph.

DB is held on FMS13.


Gradually stretching the boundary box makes one column fit over the other, but shows that alignment quickly and exponentially drifts over the length of the chart.