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Command Line Backup Deletes Prior Backup

Question asked by hschlossberg on Jul 17, 2011
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Command Line Backup Deletes Prior Backup


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows 2008 R2 Standard

Description of the issue

This seems like a bug to me -- or at least it is unexpected behavior based on common sense and what I've read.

One of my clients needs to retain monthly backups.  Since FMS doesn't offer that option, I created a Windows batch file that is called once a month by the Windows Scheduler.

My batch file includes this fmsadmin command line:
fmsadmin backup --dest filewin:/F:/Backups/Monthly/ -u autofm -p myppassword

Running this command line creates a new subfolder in the designated destination folder, and then it backs up all served files.  The new subfolder is named "2011-07-17_2034".  Beautiful.  But then at the end of the routine, it deletes the subfolder of the previous month's backup.

Expected result

Since I am running a backup command (as opposed to running an actual schedule that is pre-designated to keep only X number of backups), I would expect it not to touch previous backups.

Actual result

At the end of the backup routine, it deletes the subfolder of the previous month's backup.


The workaround is to create an FMS backup schedule, and then use an fmsadmin command line to run that specific schedule.

Instead of the above, I can use:
fmsadmin run schedule 7 -u autofm -p myppassword
and it now creates a new subfolder called "Monthly_All_2011-07-17_2053" and it keeps any previous backups.