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    Compacting not effective



      Compacting not effective


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 64

      Description of the issue

      Saving a copy with the compact option does not reduce the file size to where it should be.  I have a database with embedded photos taken with FM Go on an iPad and brought back into FM Pro Advanced.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Here's what I encountered:

      Start - DB with embedded photos                                                                     2,601 MB

      Step 1 - Stripped the photos to external and deleted embedded photos     2,601 MB, so no change

      Step 2 - Saved as a copy after stripping photos and compacted                   1,952 MB, so not much change

      Step 3 - Made DB copy, deleted all records and imported from original           0.6 MB, so big change to where compacting should be

      Expected result

      Small file size since it's all now text.

      Actual result

      DB still large.  See above

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               Phil Proctor:


               Thank you for the post. 


               I may need a little more information to fully understand the steps to reproduce. To attempt to reproduce, I performed the following steps:


               1. File > New From Starter Solution > Assets.fmp12 > Saved to Desktop

               2. Moved the Assets.fmp12 to an iPad 3 with FileMaker Go 13

               3. Added 15-20 pictures with the iPad's camera.

               4. Moved the Assets.fmp12 from the iPad back to my Desktop

               5. Get Info on the file (see screenshot below).

               6. Deleted all the container images

               7. Get Info on the file (see screenshot below).

               8. File > Save a Copy as… > Assets Compact.fmp12 (compacted copy smaller)

               9. Get Info on the file (see screenshot below).


               Actual Result: File size reduced by 16384 bytes or slightly over 1%.


               Please let me know if I am missing a step to reproduce.



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 And if you saved a clone of this file and then imported all records from the copy of assets where you deleted the images, what file size do you get then?