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    Compatibility with Syware Visual CE system



      Compatibility with Syware Visual CE system


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      It is not a problem, as such with Filemaker product. It is a call for help to get something to work, which already has worked back in 2003 and that should be still working, if we would like to have Filemaker to play an important role relating to mobile devices.

      Syware's (www.syware.com) has several mobile odbc connectors which maskes filemaker publishing on Windows mobiles a charm. But it doesn't work anymore. I think it is because there was a change in FM ODBC Sequel drive for Windows. I am using Visual CE and its developer has asked me to talk to you.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Technical information for the FileMaker Pro people:

      (1) We are run the query
          select * from "estababelalegal" order by OID
      (2) We do SQLBindCol(1, SQL_C_LONG)
      (3) We do SQLBindCol(2, SQL_C_DOUBLE)
      (4) We do an SQLExtendedFetch(SQL_FETCH_NEXT)
      (5) We change the bound columns (I can't be absolutely sure which, but it is quite likely that the first column was changed...and that's the column it is ordering on)
      (6) We do a SQLSetPos(SQL_UPDATE) and we get the error "Invalid attribute/option identifier"

      This works with other ODBC drivers, this worked with the older FileMaker ODBC Drivers

      Expected result

      To get odbc connection between a Windows CE Device and our Filemaker Server 11 Advanced. We can't get the connection to work.

      Actual result

      We get sttoped trying to import the template from the Filemaker table "estababelalegal".

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      [Filemaker][Filemaker]Invalid attribute/option identifier

      Configuration information

      Visual CE needs:
      1) the first column shall be called OID and be empty
      2) there should be a primary key

      That is it.


      It looks like this is the result of a change made to the FileMakewr Pro ODBC driver since 2003.  You are going to have to ask the FileMaker Pro people what the error "[Filemaker][Filemaker]Invalid attribute/option identifier" means.  You might want to send them the SQL.LOG you sent me. You might want to send them the technical information I provided below.  Feel free to have them contact me directly if they want (drdeebee@syware.com, +1-617-497-1300).