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conditional formatting

Question asked by dontneedanotherstinkingname on Jun 10, 2009
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conditional formatting

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Good god this is alot of trouble just to repaort a bug. Filemaker pro 10  I wanted to report a bug, but I did not want to waste my time setting up a user account, but guess what there was no way to do it otherwise. The bug is this when conditional formatting is used with a formula to determine the formatting and then latter a script is used to copy and paste the information from the field that has the conditional formatting into another field the copied information is pasted twice!What I was doing was setting up one field to change text color when another field has the word “pending” in it.If there is a work around for this I would be happy to hear of it.  Best regards,Randy MorganAll Service Musical Electronics Repair617 SE MorrisonPortland, Oregon  97214503-231-6552  Voice503-239-7157 (e mail)www.all-service-musical.comEXPERT REPAIR ON ALL ELECTRONICMUSICAL EQUIPMENT ... SOLID STATEAND TUBE, HOME & PROFESSIONAL.FOR 23 YEARS AND COUNTING.In shop and in home service available.  “I dont think I can replicate your issue. The only thing is if it pastes into a field, and you do not have select entire contents option on, it will paste it after existing value, so if you already have a value, it will look like it has it twice. Also instead of copy and paste, you should probably use Set Field [] instead.”  No the entire field that the information goes into is cleared in the first step of the script.What this scripts does is take all the pertinent information from a parts order such as quantity &  description and paste it all into a temporary field one line at a time, then that entire field is copied and pasted into an email. The scrip worked dandy until I applied the conditional formatting as described. Then it started duplicating anything that was conditionally formatted via a formula when it is pasted into the temporary field. I can format the same fields with the contains, equals etc and the duplication does not occur. Unfortunately doing that way does not accomplish what I need in the end which is total automation of the text color in one field when a particular word is placed in another field.  I know of two basic ways to do what you describe: Use the Copy and Paste steps to move the data. Use set field and/or set variable to move the data. The second method is strongly recommended as it does not require the referenced fields to be present on the current layout and does not change the contents of the system clipboard. Which method did you use when you encountered this bug?    Copy and paste. I am not sure I understand how the process I have described above could be accomplished with the set field command. Please enlighten me.