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Conditional Formatting and Get ( RequestOmitState )

Question asked by philmodjunk on Apr 16, 2010
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Conditional Formatting and Get ( RequestOmitState )

Description of the issue

System Windows XPFilemaker 10v3, 11v1 advanced If I use Get ( WindowMode ) = 1 in a conditional format expression, I can change the text color/style of a button's text whenever the user enters find mode. I can thus show which buttons are functional in browse and which are functional in find modes by grerying out buttons that are currently "disabled". If I use Get ( RequestOmitState ) in a condtional format expression, I am unable to  change the text style/color. Instead, if the active request was an Omit request at the time I perform the find, the text changes color after I perform the find and return to browse mode. Monitorig the expression in the data viewer shows that this function does correctly change values in response to clicking "omit", but the conditional format fails to update, and worse updates incorrectly after the find is performed. This seems inconsistant and torpedoes an interface design scheme I was playing around with where text appeared to tell the user that the current request on a form view layout was an omit request even if the status area was hidden.