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Conditional Formatting in FMP 12v1

Question asked by alex_zueiv on May 28, 2012
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Conditional Formatting in FMP 12v1


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS

Description of the issue

If Object size does not change along with the Window (for example, if it's Autosizing is set to Left and Top only) and Condition Formula of the Object refers to the Window size or calculates changing of another Object's bounds, then FMP 12v1 does not apply any Text Formatting, but changes only Fill Color of that Object.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create new file in FMP 11, put some Text Object on the layout, and set it's Conditional Formatting Formula to change both Text and Fill Colors when: Mod ( Get ( WindowWidth ) ;  2 ). Duplicate this Text Object and set Autosizing of the copy to: Left and Right. Switch to Browse mode and slowly expand the Window's width. In FMP 11, Text and Fill Colors of the both Objects should flash. Now, close the file, convert it to FMP 12, and try to slowly expand the Window's width again.

Expected result

Text and Fill Color of the both Objects changing.

Actual result

Only Fill Color changing on the first (original) Object.

Configuration information

There is another issues with Conditional Formatting: If Portal Fields are defined to show only when the whole row is visible, FMP 12v1 behaves as described above when I scroll that Portal, i.e. does not apply any (or applies wrong) Text Formatting, but changes only Fill Color of that Fields independently of their Autosizing settings. This issue exists on both Mac OS and MS Windows. Although, FMP 11 for Windows cannot do that trick at all.

On the attached picture you can also see wrong alignment of the text in the second column. This happens (on Mac OS only) when I expand size of the Window, shrink it back with the Mac OS button Plus (+), and then scroll the Portal.

My Test file can be downloaded here:


Perform menu command Refresh Window after resizing.