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Conditional formatting is not displaying the correct color values.

Question asked by jgalt on Apr 9, 2012
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Conditional formatting is not displaying the correct color values.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version


Description of the issue

Custom colors that are applied to objects with conditional formatting do not match the exact same custom colors that are applied to regular objects.

Steps to reproduce the problem

FM12A [Mac OS 10.6.8]

1.) Fill the background of a part with a custom color.
2.) Create an object and apply a conditional format fill of using the same color from step 1. Notice that the colors do not match!
3.) If you reproduce steps 1 and 2 with one of the built-in colors they match perfectly.
4.) Perform steps 1 and 2 in FM11. Convert the file to FM12. The colors match until you try to change them in FM12.

Please fix this ASAP, it’s totally interfering with my workflow!

If I am going to be your beta tester I would like to be paid for it.

Expected result

Colors should match

Actual result

Colors don't match.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Email from customer:  Hey John, why don't the colors in the new database match?


Manual entry of the RGB values seem to solve the problem. Please fix the bug!