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Connect Issues

Question asked by JimmyClark on Aug 3, 2012


Connect Issues


FileMaker Pro


File Maker Pro 9

Operating system version

Mac OSX 5

Description of the issue

Hey Guys.  HELP!  I recently moved from one office building to another.  I had NO ISSUES hosting IPW.  I also had my own access to the web.  I know moved to another building that offers THEIR OWN T-1 connection.  I set up, plugged in, made sure port forward was correct, acquired IP address, tried to log in and nothing.  I had another person from an outside source to try to access database as usual and they had no luck either.  What the heck can I do about this?  I know everything is correct!  Been running this for 4 years... I don't get it.  Please Help!  Thanks in advance.  Jimmy Clark