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Connection failed from OS X network accounts due to SSL issues

Question asked by greatlakesdiver on Aug 9, 2015
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Connection failed from OS X network accounts due to SSL issues


FileMaker Pro


FMP 13, 14, FMS

Operating system version

OSX 10.10.4

Description of the issue

When logged into a network account on an OS X server, connections to a FileMaker server on the same subnet fail despite proper detection of the server. This occurs in FileMaker Pro 13 and 14 when a trusted SSL certificate is installed on the server. When a self-signed certificate is used or when SSL is disabled, connections work properly. Connections work properly in all cases if logged into a local account on the same client machine.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Attempt to connect to a FileMaker server database from an OS X network account.

Expected result

Proper connection to the shared database.

Actual result

Connection to the shared file fails.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

If using Open Remote, "Connection failed"

If using a "launcher file" (as described in an older FileMaker support article), "The file "filename.fmp12" could not be opened. Either the host is not available or the file is not available on that host."

Configuration information

Standard FMP installation and fully functional production server with FMS


Disable SSL or use self-signed root certificate (both unacceptable in terms of security).