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    Connection problem: costing database



      Connection problem: costing database

      Description of the issue

      When I open filemaker pro, it is unable to open properly, displaying that it cannot find costing database.  It was working well and hour ago, and no changes were made.  I do not even know what a costing database is..I am using the 9th edition on a mac, and am relatively new to Filemaker.  thanks for the help! 

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             duplicate post. See Connection error
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            "Costing Database" is probably another filemaker file that your current file is attempting to open--either through a script or a relationship. If this file is renamed or moved, you'll get this error.


            Sorry about the double posts.  This is probably a better thread for this line of questioning.


            Thanks for the response, but I am a bit confused by this.   When I last used Filemaker, I was adding entries into an existing file, certainly not renaming or moving the entire file.  When I was working on another application and had Filemaker in the background, an error message came up saying that the connection had been lost and all Filemaker files were to close. This had happen before when the internet connection had been interrupted so was not alarmed.  Now Ièm unable to open Filemaker because of said message.


            So, how did this happen and, most importantly, how can I fix it! 



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              Actually, this is unlikely to be a bug, so I would prefer the using filemaker forum, but no matter, you've got it going here so let's see if we can get you up and working.


              First, we need more information on your database.


              What version of filemaker pro?

              Is this file hosted by filemaker, filemaker pro or through instant or custom web publishing.


              What I know is this message tells me that your file is attempting to open a file of the above name and it can't find the file. If it is hosted from a server and the server goes down or the file is closed on the server, the file won't be found and you get this error.


              The file could also be damaged.


              Let's try this first, if you can:

              Select manage | external data sources...


              Look for a reference to Costing Database in this list of external file references.


              If you can find it, double-click it to see the details. Copy the entire text into your clipboard and paste it back here.

              Now click cancel to make sure you don't accidentally modify this file reference.

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                Sorry about the wrong thread!  


                In any case, file manage external data sources gives me one choice, which is:

                 name: Choose

                Type: Filemaker

                details: File Path:fmnet:(backslash)


                The version is Filemaker pro advanced 9.0v3.



                As for hosting, I think that we are hosted by filemaker pro, though I am less certain about this. 



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                  Nothing obvious there. The "Bayley" file may refer to Costing Database and the problem may lie with that file.


                  Let's backtrack. When you open File Options... Do you see a script listed to run when the file is opened? If so, open that script and check to see what it does. You might have either and Open File step or a Perform Script  step that performs a script in another file. You might also have another step that includes a calculation that refers to another file.



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                    so tFile Options is set to preform Open Bayley script.


                    This sript has a line that reads

                    if Get (LastError )=100 or Get (Last error)=802

                    Se Field Opener:: Error; Cannot find costing database


                    Are we getting closerÉ


                    The only other scripts are Let me try and retry connection 





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                      That could be the smoking gun. I was assuming that the error message was filemaker's standard "can't find the file" error message where it then pops open an open file dialog for you to find the missing file.


                      Instead, it looks like this script attempts to open the file named "Bayley" and displays a custom dialog "can't find costing database" when it can't open the file.


                      From Filemaker choose Open remote... and check to see if you can find a server with the IP address given in the file reference(


                      I suspect that either your host computer is down, Bayley is closed, or Bayley is damaged. You'll need to track down that server and check it out.

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                        So there is actually no server when I Open Remote.  Pasting the ip address I gave says that the host is down.  I think that I will give it a bit of time to see if it is a server problem, and hopefully that resolves it.  If not, I will break down and buy a tech call to fix the problem. 


                        Thanks so much for you imput! 

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                          If by tech call you mean Filemaker Tech support, save your time and money.


                          This issue lies directly with the computer that is hosting the file or your network. Filemaker Inc won't be able to help you. Your last post explains the disconnect message you got and why you get an error message when you open the file.


                          Once the host computer is back up, you should have no connction problem.

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                            Aaa.. Ok. It makes me nervous to think about all the data that is contained within the database.  Sketchy.  I will wait it out then..


                            Thanks again! 

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                              Is this host computer a part of your organization? If so, then I would be trying to find out who is responsible for that computer and check with them to find out what is happening. If it is owned/operated by a different company, I'd be calling them for an explanation.