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Conneted via IWP: audit log from table 1 posts in field in table 2

Question asked by wrwaugh on Sep 9, 2010
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Conneted via IWP: audit log from table 1 posts in field in table 2


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker 11  (hosted)

Operating system version

windows 7 ultimate

Description of the issue

I have used Filemaker since version 3 but mostly for me and my employers. I am new to IWP and using the program on a server platfrom and have encountered what I think is very odd behavior.

I have a databese hosted on the internet. It has several tables. Each table has an AUDITLOG field to track certain activity.

When working in the database via FM remote everything works as designed (or perhaps I should say as "intended" )

When entering data via browser to IWP, the AUDITLOG field from table 2 is populated with data from Table 1.

The AUGITLOG field for Table 1 looks like:

Evaluate (
Quote (
Table1_pk_Field & " | " &
Get ( AccountName ) & " | " &
Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) & " | " &
Get ( ActiveFieldName ) & " | " &
Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) &
"¶" &
[Table1_pk_Field; Table1_field2; Table1_field3 ])

The AUDITLOG Field for Table 2 is the same (but with table 2 fields of course).

How can changes made in table 1 fields appear in table 2's Audit logs?

This does not happen when modifying the records via FM Remote, only when using IWP in a browser.

Any ideas as to why or how to trap the problem to analyze it? If data can cross tables, how can I trust ANY data?