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Console errors when Pro 9.0v3 launches

Question asked by bdmsb on Mar 3, 2009
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Console errors when Pro 9.0v3 launches

Description of the issue

I get hundreds (about 450) of identical console errors everytime version 9.0v3 launches. They are: 3-3-09 10:44:50 AM FileMaker Pro[11130] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x1d994330 of class DocWindow autoreleased with no pool in place - just leakingStack: (0x9648c73f 0x96398e32 0x463775 0x22766b 0x1b9717 0x1c1868 0x19380e 0x30f01 0x44c03 0x2f041 0x30cac 0x6e3c2 0x6e4cd 0x6bb8a 0x42b53 0x42bef 0x2f2bb 0x199151 0x38ea 0x3811)   MacPro, system 10.5.6