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    Contact (Starter solution - modified) - inputting multiple profile photos



      Contact (Starter solution - modified) - inputting multiple profile photos


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X v 10.6.8

      Description of the issue

      I am trying to create 'contact' files with two possible options:

      1) The 'contact' info for each person not only shows a profile photograph of the 'contact' but also displays the profile photographs of other 'contacts' who know them through meetings, conferences and past projects. I found visual profiles rather then written names are more helpful.

      2) The 'contact' has two profile photographs.

      How would I do these tasks?
      Do I have to create an amazing new field, container or is there already one available of the shelve from FM for me to modify?

      I noticed in 2010 a customer asked the same question but the technical support staff just emailed a template to them and other people asking the same question. Sadly I can not find this technical support question again to ask the same technically support for his/her assistance!

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      The problem I am experiencing is I create a new field to drop a new photo in to but it changes the original 'contact' photo as well!

      I have even tried to create I new container but that does not work!


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          You've posted your question to "Report an Issue"--intended for posting reports of possible software bugs. Posting to the "FM Pro Forum" section, (See tabs at top of this screen), puts your question in a section where it will be seen by and responded to a much larger number of people.

          If you want to store more than one photo for a given contact, you'll need to add either an additional container field or set up a related table where records with container fields store your image files such that 1, 2 or more pictures may be linked to a given contact.

          To pull up photos of linked contacts will like require some additional design work on your starter solution to make it possible to link different contacts to each other. Without those links, FileMaker as no way to determine which photos of related contacts to display.