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Container do not retain inserted pictures across quit/reopen

Question asked by geekeroo on Sep 27, 2009
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Container do not retain inserted pictures across quit/reopen

Description of the issue

Using: Filemaker Pro Server 10 / Hosting a databaseClient: Filemaker Pro Adv 10 I have a 5-repetition, global container field that contains some colored icons (png) that I wish to use on my design. I am designing from a client accessing a remote FM server. When I INSERT PICTURE into the container field on the client computer, the image (regardless of whether I choose insert the picture itself or just a reference) gets inserted into the container initially and remains throughout the session. HOWEVER, it does not stay saved in that field across quit/reopen of that same database. The next time I load up the database on the client, the container field is blank again.  In fact, it seems that every time I try to do this in a server-client situation, the container fields do not retain the inserted picture.  HOWEVER, if I go to the server, take the database offline, and do the design and import of the picture on the server without hosting it, then the images are retained in the container field. WHY is this? What am I not understanding about Filemaker sharing, or is this an annoying bug?? How else are we suppose to insert anything into global containers from the clients on the FM network?