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      Container field data in Filemaker Go


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      I have filemaker files which I have transferred from my laptop to filemaker go on my iPhone 5.  The filemaker files on my laptop have container fields which "store as a reference" some pdf documents.  When I open filemaker go, I am told that the pdf files cannot be found.  How can I create filemaker go files where I can access the pdf files that I can access on my laptop?

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               Louis Doyle:

               Thank you for the post.

               Please see the screenshot attached below from page 7 of the FileMaker Go 12 Development Guide. The full guide can be found at the following URL:


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                 Thank you for your response.  However, I tried the procedure in the Development Guide you pointed out and my Filemaker Go file on my iPhone still says the the pdf file I'm looking for "cannot be found".  Could it be that there is something I'm missing here or need to perform some other function?

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                   Louis Doyle:

                   Thank you for the reply.

                   I apologize. That's my mistake. My instructions will not achieve the desired result. After testing, I now realize that even saving a "self-contained copy (single file)" does not move referenced files to imbedded. That method only works if the referenced files are externally stored.

                   To get the file to embed the images within the database, the files first either will need to be externally stored or reimported not as references. 

                   For more information on transferring container data see the following:


                   For a potential script which could be modified to export and reimport the files not as reference see the following forum thread:

              Container Field Inconsistency

                   Please don't hesitate to reply with any additional questions. 


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                     Thanks again for your answer.  I have tried inserting pdf files into my container field (instead of references) and while the file appears listed in the layout, I am unable to open it.  Also for some reason, when I try to insert documents, the pdf option is disabled.  I've also had trouble inserting jpegs with the photos unable to be opened and sized properly (this does not happen when references are used on the laptop.)  With Filemaker Go, I'm trying to achieve the ability to access all of my data including pdfs and photographs.

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                       If you are opening the files by double clicking them, then no, embedded files cannot be opened this way. But you can open them if you use export field contents to export them.

                       You cannot insert PDF's with or without the "by reference" option unless you are inserting into a field that has been "optimized for interactive content" on the layout's data formatting for that field.