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Container Field Inconsistency

Question asked by tomstock1337 on Oct 25, 2012
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Container Field Inconsistency


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 Enterprise

Description of the issue

I have created a student record database and I have a document table with 18 fields (one of which is a container field), 1900+ records with a pdf file stored internally in the container field.

A student may have 20-30 records shown in a portal view.  When a button is clicked in the portal view, a layout is shown containing a field for the document displaying Interactive Content with "Start Playback Automatically" checked.

When the layout was originally created, only about 100 records were created when "Interactive content" was not checked.  Once I found the "Interactive Content" option, I clicked it.  All new documents entered are displaying in a pdf viewer in the container field without issue.  All old documents are just showing a thumbnail of pdf icon.

I am able to export these documents to view them, however, this is not feasible when reviewing documents of the students.  Any help would be appreciated.

Steps to reproduce the problem

See description for scenario, I am not sure how it can be reproduced

Expected result

The container field should always display a pdf viewer when interactive content is selected and the contents is a pdf file.

Actual result

The container field selectively goes to either a thumbnail or pdf viewer when viewing the document in a layout


I am able to export the document, delete the document currently in the field and then re-add the document and it will use the pdf viewer.