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container field with PDF

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Jul 20, 2012


container field with PDF


FileMaker Pro


FMPA 12v1

Operating system version

Win 7

Description of the issue

After updating from FMPA12 to v1, on a layout that have many container field with PDF inside, it will trigger Acrobat and open all the PDF in Acrobat and don't display the miniature PDF in the field.

3 fields with PDF on a layout, all 3 open in Acrobat.
switch record... again all those PDF open in Acrobat.

Also when selecting an empty field and insert a PDF in, this will launch the file in Acrobat, the file is store in the database, but no miniature.

Expected result

PDF stay in the field and you can interact with the field when needed, still can export the PDF.

Configuration information

Win 7 32bits
Acrobat X Pro installed


none find