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Container fields don't toggle properly

Question asked by scottworld on Oct 22, 2012
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Container fields don't toggle properly


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.8.2

Description of the issue

In FileMaker 12, we are supposedly given new layout options in the Inspector to toggle container fields between "normal" and "interactive" container fields. Unfortunately, this toggle option does NOT work for PDF files unless you dragged-and-dropped the PDF file into the FileMaker database from the Finder. But obviously, we can't use ScriptMaker to drag-and-drop a PDF file into FileMaker... we are forced to use the "Insert File" and "Insert PDF" script steps.

If you use the "Insert PDF" or "Insert File" commands, you are LOCKED INTO the decision you make UPFRONT when you initially place the container field on the layout. You must decide what you want before you insert anything into the container field.

This is what my tests reveal:

1. If I insert a PDF file into a regular container field using the "Insert File" command, that container field will NEVER display the contents, even if I change the container field to interactive.

2. Similarly, if I insert a PDF file into an interactive container field using the "Insert PDF" command, that container will ALWAYS display the contents as a thumbnail, even if I change the container field to non-interactive. I won't be able to INTERACT with the contents anymore, but I can never get it to display a file icon ever again… it always shows a thumbnail.

However, if you drag-and-drop a PDF file from the Finder into the container field, then it works just fine. But this is NOT POSSIBLE if we are trying to script the insertion of PDF files into our container fields!! We MUST use script steps!

This really needs to work properly.