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Container Fields not working on iOS 8.1.2

Question asked by cprryan on Jan 13, 2015
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Container Fields not working on iOS 8.1.2


FileMaker Go


Filemaker go 13

Description of the issue

I have a few ipads running a simple database with container fields that we can add pictures or signatures to.  On the only ipad with iOS 8, the container fields are not prompting to add a signature or picture or anything?  Not sure if it is a setting on the ipad or the database or if this is just a bug that is being worked out?  Any help would be appreciated.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Container field on new ipad

Expected result

to have the "import" "audio, signature, photo..." popup box appear again like it always has

Actual result

nothing pops up or asks to import, if you continue to tap the container field it pops up the "paste"

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error message


haven't found any yet. If I put a signature in on another ipad on the database, I can go to the new ipad and the popup comes up to "replace" and then I can add a signature  or photo...