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Conversion of files from .fp5 to .fp12 on a Mac

Question asked by RobertDownes on Jun 16, 2013
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Conversion of files from .fp5 to .fp12 on a Mac


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I have been using Filemaker Pro 6 since it was launched.
In order to use another application I have had to upgrade my system to Mountain Lion.
This means that I have had to update Filemaker Pro to version 12.
This gives me a major problem : I can no longer use version 6 since it is a PowerPC application and is no longer supported.
I have a large database which consists of .fp5 files - I need to update these to .fp12.
The conversion route suggested involves using version 7 which also is a PowerPC application and therefore not usable.
Is it possible to convert the files?

Bob Downes