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Converting a single script step causes freeze

Question asked by MarkBanin on Aug 4, 2015
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Converting a single script step causes freeze


FileMaker Pro


14 Pro

Operating system version

Win 8.1

Description of the issue

When trying to convert a single step into a script: Filemaker freezes.

The only solution is to open the task manager and force close Filemaker.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Double click on a button that has a single script step.  Double click on the step to open up the script window.  Press the convert to script button.

Expected result

Single step is converted to script.  It's a very basic script - Just a send mail with hardly any content.

Actual result

Filemaker totally Freezes

Configuration information

I have a 64 bit Windows 8.1 system.

Upon upgrading from FM13 Pro to FM14:  I couldn't get the the 64 bit version to work.  I tried the 32 bit version and that worked fine - so have been using that.