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Copy and Paste don't work in Define... dialogs when overridden using a Custom Menu

Question asked by nickorr on Aug 4, 2010
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Copy and Paste don't work in Define... dialogs when overridden using a Custom Menu


FileMaker Pro


11v2 Advanced

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Description of the issue

When you modify a custom menu to have a override action script for the copy command it breaks in some situations but not others.

For example if you want to allow users to copy an entire record when not in any one active field, you can do a script that will check for an active field and if so do a normal copy, otherwise go to the hidden "all fields" field and copy that instead and return.

If you go into layout mode, the normal copy command comes back.  If you go into ScriptMaker, the normal copy command comes back.

But if you go into Define Fields, and try to copy a field definition or some text, then it tries to run the override script, which doesn't work, and so the copy doesn't happen.  The script is queued and becomes active the moment you close the Define Field dialog.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In a new file, modify a custom menu set and assign a script action to the Copy command in the Edit menu.  Leave all the other settings like name and shortcut as is.

Close Define Custom Menus and change the default menu for that file to the one you just modified.  Turn on Script Debugger.  Open Define fields and try to copy and paste some text or some field definitions.  The copy command appears to work, but nothing happens. 

Close Define Fields and then your script will begin to run.

I've tried the same in Define Custom Functions and also in Value Lists, and Custom Menus, the behaviour is all not working.

Then go into layout mode, and then to Define Fields and you will find it all works again, as the layout mode menu has overridden the custom menu, even though it doesn't make any sense that this should be expected behaviour.

Expected result

Copy and paste, and any other applicable menu choices should revert to normal, in all of the Define dialogs in the same way that it does in ScriptMaker.

Actual result

The script is called, but doesn't run until later, which could potentially cause issues.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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Only to have a separate menu item that is "My Copy" or similar, and then assign that the command, and leave the normal copy there.  You're then forced to use the edit menu to copy anything as the command key option doesn't work, but it does at least let you copy and paste.