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Copy and Paste “Set Field By Name”

Question asked by MarkBanks on May 26, 2009
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Copy and Paste “Set Field By Name”

Description of the issue

If a “Set Field By Name” script step that has had a target field set and then disabled is copied and pasted the value for the target field is reinstated. To reproduce (using FMPA 10.0v1, OS X 10.5.7): 1. Create a new script2. Set calculated values for both the target field and the calculated result3. Uncheck the “Specify target field” check-box4. Copy the script step to the clipboard and then paste it into the script The previous selection for the target field is reinstated for the step pasted in. Expected result: the script step pasted is identical to the one copied. Please see also a screen capture demonstrating the issue.