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Question asked by scott2si on Jun 19, 2012
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Copying & pasting multiple objects with precision


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One of THE MOST ANNOYING CHANGES in FileMaker 12 is that it now forces us to GROUP multiple objects together before copying & pasting, if we intend on using their coordinates (top, bottom, left, or right) to paste with precision!!

- If we don't group before copying, we don't get to see the coordinates at all.
- If we don't group before pasting, we can't type in any coordinates or else it applies those coordinates individually to each object.

However, this adds SEVERAL TIME-CONSUMING STEPS into our workflow... much more than just "grouping". First, we have to "group", then we have to "copy", then we have to make sure that the original layout DOESN'T SAVE OUR CHANGES (because we don't want those objects grouped). Then, we have to go to the next layout, we have to "paste", then we have to type in the coordinates, then we have to "ungroup", then we have to save the new layout.

This takes FOREVER and is a major pain in the A**. We used to be able to simply copy & paste multiple objects by selecting those objects, viewing the coordinates, then pasting those objects and typing in the coordinates.

But now, FMI is assuming that everybody is always trying to align objects, which is why they apply the coordinates individually to each object. We don't WANT to align objects… there are already keyboard shortcuts for that behavior. We simply want to take a group of multiple objects and copy & paste them in the same location on multiple layouts.