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Copying text from web view in Windows

Question asked by JaredSorge on Oct 24, 2012
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Copying text from web view in Windows


FileMaker Pro


12 v3

Operating system version

Windows 7 SP 1

Description of the issue

When I select and copy text in a web view then go to a different layout that belongs to a different table, I am unable to paste the text in the other layout. If I paste it on the same layout it will paste and then will paste in the other layout as well.

I created a test database that verified the problem is not related to any of my current code in a different solution. This problem does not happen on the Mac, only Windows.

Steps to reproduce the problem

• Select text on a web viewer
• Copy
• Switch to a different layout
• Try pasting the text in a field

Expected result

The copied text should paste.

If you try pasting in a different application (like notepad) then you will see the text get pasted.

Actual result

The text does not paste.


If I paste the text in the layout it's copied from, then I can paste it in the other layout.