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    corrupt starter solution files



      corrupt starter solution files


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      I just purchased Filemaker Pro 11 and several of the Starter Solutions files are corrupt. They are basically blank -- no images or text shows up and none of the fields will accept text input. I can create a new database with no problem, so the program itself seems to be working fine. I've looked but I can't find anyplace on the the Filemaker site to download new copies of the files. Those I've tried using, without success, are the Contact Management, Music Management, Research Notes, and To Do list. Document Management, on the other hand, is fine, as is Movie Library.

      I've tried re-installing the software but that did not help. A web search indicated that this issue has shown up before. I also found other instances in the knowledge base but didn't see any substantive replies.

      Please just give me a link to an archive of non-corrupt starter solution templates and I will replace the existing ones.


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          Okay, after a call to support I found the starter templates on the site. For future reference, if you search in the "solutions" database on the template name, you can download a new file. Most of the files I wanted to use/adapt were fine. The music library file was also corrupt. The support guy couldn't really offer an explanation for the corrupt files -- just said that "sometimes the starter files cause a particular os to freak out." Sounds like a serious quality control problem to me.