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    Corrupt Value List with no name and no value



      Corrupt Value List with no name and no value

      Description of the issue

      I created two new value lists (Sort and SubSort). Both with Source "From Field". I had no problems with the first but the second seemed to get corrupt right away. When I first created the SubSort Value List with a Source of the field SubSort, it appeared to be working when I looked at the field on my layout. When I looked at the same thing on another computer (shared networked database), it could not find the Value List. I went back to my computer and looked at Manage - Value List. Now the SubSort Value List is still there (sort of). Where it was is a value list with no name and no value and the Source says Custom Values. When I attempt to edit or delete the list, nothing happens.  I am runningFMP 9.0v3 Client on Mac OSX 4.11 Database is runningFMP Server on Max OSX Server 10.5.4 

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          Andrew Dunn:


          Thank you for your post.


          There is definitely some corruption with the Value List.  Remove the database file from the server and put it on your local drive.  Launch FileMaker Pro 9, and with the suspect file NOT open, pull down the File menu and select "Recover..."  Select the problem file and recover the file, letting it default to the Recovered file name.  FileMaker Pro will then read from the file and create a new recovered file, and hopefully, the Value List will be corrected.  I say "hopefully" because the Recover command is not a cure-all.  It will do its best to salvage what it can.


          When the Recover is finished, open the Recovered file, and see if you can update or remove the Value List.  If so, make sure all of your other data is there.  If so, then quit FileMaker Pro, remove the original file and rename the recovered file to the original file name.  You can then put it back on the server for FileMaker Server to host.


          Please let me know how it turns out.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Same problem here.  I have a number of Value Lists that appear to be blank, but cannot be edited or deleted.  One of them is named "Wheels" and when I try to create a new Value List called "Wheels", I get the error message that the list already exists.  Fields which refer to this list, however, cannot find it.

            I tried using the Recover feature with no success.

            Tom Wilson

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              If recover does not fix this issue and you can't delete the value list, you may have no other choice but to Create a new copy of your database file. Before Going that route I'd make a diligent search for any older copy of the file I can find that doesn't show this problem. Even if it isn't exactly the same as your current file, it likely will be less work to modify this older copy include the more recent changes than to start from scratch. You can save a clone of such a file and import data from your current file.

              If you must start from scratch, keep in mind that you can import tables with the new table option to both import the data plus the field definitions into a new file. You still have to recreate the relationships but it saves having to manually re-enter all your field definitions. You can also copy and paste blocks of layout objects from one file to another and the contents of custom value lists. Scripts can be imported from one file to another as well. All of these options might import file damage along with the objects being imported or copy/pasted so make lots of back up copies and make period tests while you do this.

              Two third party products you might research before you set out to do this: