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Corrupt Value List with no name and no value

Question asked by AndrewDunn on Feb 11, 2009
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Corrupt Value List with no name and no value

Description of the issue

I created two new value lists (Sort and SubSort). Both with Source "From Field". I had no problems with the first but the second seemed to get corrupt right away. When I first created the SubSort Value List with a Source of the field SubSort, it appeared to be working when I looked at the field on my layout. When I looked at the same thing on another computer (shared networked database), it could not find the Value List. I went back to my computer and looked at Manage - Value List. Now the SubSort Value List is still there (sort of). Where it was is a value list with no name and no value and the Source says Custom Values. When I attempt to edit or delete the list, nothing happens.  I am runningFMP 9.0v3 Client on Mac OSX 4.11 Database is runningFMP Server on Max OSX Server 10.5.4