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Corrupted file not being detected on server or when using the recover function

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Fred(CH)


Corrupted file not being detected on server or when using the recover function


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.10.3 and earlier

Description of the issue

This is, probably, not a FileMaker bug, but I am reporting it because it may show a weakness in the consistency check and in the recover function/log.

I am pretty sure that the file have gone through crashes in the past before being deployed on FileMaker Server.

When creating a new record in a specific table in this file the new record will take over recordID no. 1 and replace the data from this record. Adding a record to a table with 62 records is in this case not creating a new record, there are still only 62 records. The same happen with new record no. 2 and thereafter the file seems to behave normal.

I have a backup from the server from just before it happened and it can be reproduced. You can have the file, i have permission from the owner.

Please see the screen movie here showing it:

Steps to reproduce the problem

1: Open hosted on server OR local on your harddrive (same result).
2: Go to the layout and create a new record (just ordinary FileMaker menu "new record).

Expected result

A new record should be created and should not interfere with other records in the same table.

Actual result

3: There was 62 records in the table.
4: To the user it looks as if a new record is created, you are on an empty record.
5: BUT there are still only 62 records in the table.
6: When you finish the original recordID no 1 has got the data you just entered and the original data from recordID no 1 seems to have gone missing.
But validation (unique content in a field) show that FileMaker are still checking up against the data that can not be seen.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages.

Recover before or after the problem is shown does not change anything. Result is OK.


No workarounds so far. I have told my friend who own this file to rewrite from scratch. There are other reasons why he should do so.

I have also reported this to Rick. Please let me know if you want the file. You will be able to repeat the problem.

And ... I am rather sure that it is not a bug in FileMaker as such that are causing the problem. But it may be a problem that the recover function does not report any problems with the file.