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Count Function Unreliable

Question asked by deltatango on May 20, 2009
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Count Function Unreliable

Description of the issue

I just found something very interesting. I have a script that I created on FM 9 Advanced. It was working fine on my computer and a co-worker's, but on anyone else's it would not work. Upon investigating the matter, I found the following-- There is a script step in a script that is like so: $$counter = Count(relatedTable::id_no) (In other words, the set variable script step, where I create a global variable with this calc)  There is only 1 portal on the layout, and this table IS related to "relatedTable". When I perform this script step on any FM 9 computer (whether win or mac) it stores a number result. (Hence my co-worker and I having no problem.) BUT when I perform the script step on FM 8 Windows on Terminal Server or any FM 8 client, the calculation returns a question mark. (I only know this because I used the script debugger.) So the calculation works on FM 9 but not 8.0v3. This appears to be a bug. Can anyone else reproduce this? Thanks,Dave