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    Crash FilemakerPro10 when starting



      Crash FilemakerPro10 when starting

      Description of the issue

      Hello,I try to install FilemakerPro10 on a windows xp with sp2. The installation is succefull and also service pack v3.When I try to start the application the application crashes with the followinf error details:Filemakerpro.exe has ecountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry fot the inconvenience.More Info:Error signature:App name: filemaker pro.exe, AppVer modname:Unknown, modver: Offset: 00008200  Technical Info: exception information Code:0xc0000005, Flags:0x00000000, Record:0x0000000000000000, Address: 0x000000000000b77d.The programm crash when it tries to built the fonts. (from start up screen) Any suggestions?

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          Thank you for your post.


          When FileMaker Pro launches, it does a number of different functions, and one of those functions is reading all the available fonts.  If FileMaker Pro crashes while reading these fonts, that usually means there is a font problem; either reading it or loading it.


          Have you loaded any extra fonts onto both machines?  Do you have another machine where only the standard system fonts have been loaded?  If so, can you try installing on that machine for testing purposes?


          Any other information you can provide may be helpful.



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            I test it on to a third system with the same configuration and installed succefully. after this and because I didnt had enough time, I installed again windows xp on then system with problem and then again installed filemaker pro10. Everything is fine now. 


            Thanks for your reply.