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    Crash FM when displaying next or previous record on Windows 7



      Crash FM when displaying next or previous record on Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      I am very close to returning to filemaker 9.  Huge problems with crashing on files with a Snow Leopard Mac and now crashing problems on windows 7 when just viewing the previous or next record. I can browse this way on the Mac and no problems. Switch the files to a Windows 7 PC and flip to a few previous or next records and Wham!.  There is no script involved, no images in containers. How do you find a problem when simply browsing to a different record?  My next inquiry will be how to return a volume license if the stability is so lousy. I can't forsee when the mac will crash and it never crashes with just entering records and modifying data. Just during design when adding data sources or saving compacted or clone verions of the file.  I can predict just viewing records (no scripts involved) will crash the PC.   David

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          Thank you for your post.


          > "Huge problems with crashing on files with a Snow Leopard Mac"

          Can you be more specific.  We have seen some users crashing due to bad fonts, but other than that, we have been unable to duplicate any crashing issues reported by customers.  The file you sent in originally, I am still unable to make it crash under Mac OS X 10.6.1 here.


          Once you install Windows 7, make sure you reinstall FileMaker Pro 10.  Please see Knowledge Base Article #7455:




          For up-to-date information on problems reported with FileMaker Pro 10 and Windows 7, please see Knowledge Base Article #7454:




          Any other information you can provide would be helpful to narrowing down the possible causes.



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            It's not unheard of for OS or FMP upgrades to reveal pre-existing damage to your file that the older version(s) tolerated. Just to rule such a possibility, I'd test a recovered copy of your file and/or generate a brand new file with some similar features and see if I get the same trouble with those files.


            If so, then you may want to replace your files with a back up or rebuild your db file.

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              After many recover files and check consistancy and create clone and import and one and a half days later I noticed that the screen was in the process of being redrawn when it crashed.  I spent the next 6 hours creating copies, deleting objects on the layout and trying again.  I found the offending object to be a display of a field as a checkbox that was a repeating field showing hree check boxes.  They were defined as text fields with a dropdown selection of "Yes" as a value list.  They were not indexed and for some reason this was the key to fix it.  I changed the fields to indexed and none of the crashing occured.  I have a copy of this file that crashed five different PC's at the same time.




              Notified of problem. Installed backup from day before and imported new records.

              Recovered file then recovered the recovered file. No notice of any problems yet each crash causes a recover log with only a notice of one block not closed properly.

              Made fields first in tab order and then last in tab order.

              Sent fields to back and then sent fields to front to check drawing order.

              Checked consistancy, restarted computer checked consistancy again.

              Eliminated 15 other layouts then repeated above.

              Opened on two PC's in v9 with no problems for a one hour test.

              Exported file to Tab delimited and imported to clone.

              Created clone and imported from previous FM file.

              Began process of eliminating objects on layout.

              Found offending objects and ran with no problems.

              Re-created fields on layout, problems returned.

              Repeated from start again.

              Some twenty crashes of copies and clones reimported to this point.

              Finally changed some property about the field in despiration. Changed to indexed.

              This worked on all 5 computers (PC's) running system 7 and Vista.


              Rebuilding the DB this many times in this way shold have eliminated many consistancy problems and other errors.  I am sure that five different PC's and the fact that the only thing done to the DB for a week was add records has a significance.


              I do appreciate an honest suggestion of recovery and damage but I do not believe there was something wrong with the file that I got away with in 9.  I ran too many tests on too many computers to agree with that.  I will state again that I dislike paying thousands of dollars for a volume license for a program that was rock solid and now exhibits all of the stability of tissue paper.....