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Crash on Windows due to "export to export" script step

Question asked by dickiedyce on Sep 7, 2011
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Crash on Windows due to "export to export" script step


FileMaker Pro


Windows 11.0.3, both Pro & Pro Advanced

Operating system version

Windows XP sp 2

Description of the issue

FMPro crashes out when a malformed sort followed by an export records script step is executed.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a new file with two related tables, A & B. Go to an A layout, sort by an A field and a B field and an A field. Create a script with with two script steps - sort and export records. In the sort, sort by the 3 fields. In the export script step, use group by the 3 fields, and export to an excel spreadsheet. Now, go back, and remove the last field from the sort by list in the first script step, so that the sort is now only sorting on two fields.

Expected result

FileMaker should not crash. (If it should manage to export the data, grouped by the first two fields, that would be nice, but an error message would be fine ;-) )

Actual result

FileMaker crashes with an unexpected error dialog.


Fix the sort script step. Admittedly, this is obvious, but someone changed the sort, and it took 30mins to find the bug.