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crash upon exporting to excel

Question asked by daanvdn on Apr 11, 2009
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crash upon exporting to excel

Description of the issue

hi,Today FM has repeatedly crashed upon exporting to excel, whether manually or scripted.According to my event-log the msvcr80.dll-module is involved.Tech Support informed me a lot of people have been experiencing trouble with this .dll. I was advised to re-install FM while disabling any real-time antivirus-software.However, this did not fix the problem.I went back to my event-log and found out that immediately before and after the FM-crash there was an error with the Windows Search Service.I've disabled this service as a whole (because killing the searchindexer.exe process is impossibly). It seems that now FM no longer crashes. This, however, creates new problems: because Windows XP requires the Windows Search Services for a whole number of applications, my systems is no longer stabile. Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks Daan