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    crash upon exporting to excel



      crash upon exporting to excel

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      hi,Today FM has repeatedly crashed upon exporting to excel, whether manually or scripted.According to my event-log the msvcr80.dll-module is involved.Tech Support informed me a lot of people have been experiencing trouble with this .dll. I was advised to re-install FM while disabling any real-time antivirus-software.However, this did not fix the problem.I went back to my event-log and found out that immediately before and after the FM-crash there was an error with the Windows Search Service.I've disabled this service as a whole (because killing the searchindexer.exe process is impossibly). It seems that now FM no longer crashes. This, however, creates new problems: because Windows XP requires the Windows Search Services for a whole number of applications, my systems is no longer stabile. Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks Daan 

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          Thank you for your post.


          The Windows Search Service does not interfere with FileMaker Pro.  Although a number of people have reported problems exporting to Excel, I have not incurred any problems when executing Save Records as Excel on Windows XP (sp3).  Although disabling any real-time antivirus software has helped many users, it is not a cure-all.


          Since this has worked for you previously, something has changed.  The trick is to find out what has changed.


          Let's start with some basics...  Let's assume FileMaker Pro and/or one of its associated files has become corrupt.  Uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro will put new copies of each file onto the hard disk.


          If this doesn't fix the problem, then run "msconfig", click on the Services tab, and disable all non-Microsoft Services.  This is as basic as you can get.


          Please let me know of your progress.



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