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    Crashes related to leaks reported in console - coding error?



      Crashes related to leaks reported in console - coding error?

      Description of the issue

      FMP Product:  Filemaker Pro Advanced 9.0v3    OS System: OS X v10.5.6 I am experiencing persistent crashes of old files, new test files (with and without data), and on FMP open.    Steps taken: after UQ on new file creating, created test file which also crashed, tested two other files, one new, one several years old. These crashed quickly, (one died while sitting in background as I created run notes.) so quit FMP which then crashed on reopen.  Then restored earlier copies to another system running Panther and Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.5.  Files working fine there.  Talked to Apple support, removed Safari beta and changed DNS Server.  Speed improved but did not address FMP issues.   Took system to Apple and verified this is not a hardware issue, (new logic board and clean install last February when had UQ's with FMP along with hardware issues.)  Verified that hard drive and ram are fine. Verified that not an OS issue.  Console reports just leaking errors whenever Filemaker is open.     Apple Genius Bar comments:  "Looking at the Console log for Filemaker it appears a piece of code is not finishing itself [no backslash to close command] causing a "Leak." At this point we've verified the OS and hardware are in tip-top shape and have gone so far as to replace the logic board. RAM passed all tests, as did the hard drive. Based on information from a Cocoa Developers group it appears there is a loose piece of coding which is causing the problem." Don't know were to go from here.   Am able to open FMP  and files without UQs, but  console errors continue, and I do not trust FMP on Leopard. Ideas welcome.  Thank you.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am running FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0v3 on my iMac running OS X 10.5.6, so our systems are similar.  I do not crash, which I know doesn't help you, so let's look at some possibilities.


          1. FileMaker Pro application has become corrupt.  Uninstall and Reinstall from the original CD.  This should get you a fresh copy of the application.


          2. FileMaker preference files have become corrupt.  When FileMaker Pro launches, it looks at the Preference files, and if it doesn't find any, new ones are created.  Therefore, let's remove the Preference files.  They can be found in the following locations:


          Home Directory -> Library -> Preferences -> com.filemaker.pro.advanced.plist

          [Note: I also have other com.filemaker......plist files, but I'm also running FileMaker Pro 10, Advanced 10, Pro 8.5, etc.  Remove the appropriate file(s) ]


          Home Directory -> Library -> Preferences -> FileMaker Preferences (folder)


          After doing the above, try again and see if you run into the same problem.  Please continue to keep me posted.



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