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Crashing from remote host

Question asked by Oojamaflip on Mar 29, 2010
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Crashing from remote host

Description of the issue

We run a fairly modest newsletter subscription database for some high value newsletters.To avoid potential misuse and also for secure back-up we have this hosted with a specialist third party.Users (there are only two) access via a simple click of an icon on their desktop. Increasingly the users have suffered from crashes of the service which do not appear to be related to any single activity or action. We are using Filemaker Pro 10. One Apple computer is using system 10.4.11 and one is using 10.5.8. The host reports that his (mirrored) servers are not reporting problems for other clients. The office is hardwired (only 30m distance) to an ISP with direct fibre link. Any ideas as to what is our problem. Thank you