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    Create a recursive relationship for a field in the same table



      Create a recursive relationship for a field in the same table


      FileMaker Pro



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      M/S XP pro

      Description of the issue

      I want to create a one to many relation ship with in a single table.  ex - An Employee table that also shows which employees report to which managers (who are of course also employees themselves) - one manager, with 0 to many employees reporting to him.

      I understand relational theory, and have created databases using SQL.

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      Expected result

      I can't find how to change a relationship type (1-1, 1-M, N-M) in Filemaker 11 Pro, Trial copy.  I assume that the trial copy is a fully functional version.

      Actual result

      I've searched online and found a "solution" that shows a way to modify an existing relationship, and also shows how to designate the type of relationship when creating it for the first time, but I don't see the same step options when I'm in Filemaker Pro, working on my table design.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


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          Do you know how to create additional table occurrences of the same table in Manage | Database | Relationships?

          Employees::ManagerID = EmployeesByManager::EmployeeID

          will provide the relationship you describe. You create EmployeesByManager by selecting Employees in manage | Database
          relationships and then clicking the duplicate button (two green plus signs). You can then double click the new occurrence box in order to change the name to something more descriptive than Employees 2 as I've done in the above example.

          You may find this tutorial helpful:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

          BTW, you have posted this in the portion of FileMaker intended for reporting possible bugs in the software. If you had posted this question in the FM Pro Forum (see tab at top of this screen), you would have gotten a quicker response and possibly from more people.