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    creating dropdowns with values from related tables



      creating dropdowns with values from related tables


      FileMaker Pro

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      mac os

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      Could someone instruct me on this?
      I have following situation as an example:

      Table :members
      Name, string
      Address, string
      Gender, number

      Table :genders
      ID Gender: number
      GenderNam: string

      When editing People records, I want a dropdown which lists the fields Gendername from the genders table. Upon selection the ID_Gender has to be stored in the Gender field of the people table. (I want a number stored in the people record and not a string)
      Very frustrating for knowing this is not an issue at all in VB or Microsoft Access.
      Thanx for help.

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          You are posting your question to Report An Issue--the section intended for reporting possible software bugs. If you use the FM Pro Forum (See tab at top of this screen), you will get a faster response and from more people.

          This is not an Issue in FileMaker either.

          Open  manage | Value lists and create a new value list.

          Select the specify field option and specify that genders::ID Gender be used for field 1 and genders::GenderNam be used for Field 2.

          Now go to your layotu for members, enter layout mode and select the Gender field. Use the Data tab of the inspector to change the field from an Edit Box to a drop down list or pop up menu.

          If you specify that this value list "show only values from second field" and use the pop up menu format, you user will not see the ID number and the Gender field will display the Gender name while storing the number.

          If you choose to use the drop down list option, you can define this relationship:

          Members::Gender = genders::ID Gender

          and then you can place the GenderNam field directly on your member layout to display the selected gender name after the user exits the gender field. You can even put the two fields together so that they look like one field.