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    Creating multiple entries in a Field



      Creating multiple entries in a Field


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      Description of the issue

      Is it possible to have a list of entries for a field, example list of ranks cadets can achieve, select one of the entries and then at a later date select a next entry from the list but have the old entry information maintained so that it will print out on a report.

      Expected result

      I would like to list all the ranks that a cadets can be promoted to with the date of promotion.  Then when he/she is promoted again record the new promotion rank; however, still have all his/her previous ranks still residents so that all promotions and date of promotions can be printed when I create a report.

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               You have posted this question in the part of the forum intended for reporting possible software bugs. Questions on how to use FileMaker should be posted in the FM Pro Forum. (See the tabs at the top of this screen.)

               But if you set up a check box format for your field, you'll get exactly what you describe, but a related table of such selections is often a better approach to use.