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Creation date, imported from v8 into v10 clone doesn't "show" or index.

Question asked by MacDoctor on Jun 4, 2009
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Creation date, imported from v8 into v10 clone doesn't "show" or index.

Description of the issue

A file (in FM 8) has a field "invoice date" which is the auto-entered creation date - formatted as a date. Made a clone of the file and opened in FM 10 and made some layout additions/changes. Invoice date field NOT touched during these changes. Imported all records from FM 8 version into the clone and everything looks normal EXCEPT in the Invoice Date field, there is a "?" in the field for each record instead of the date (in the browse mode). When I click on that field, the creation date appears but reverts to a "?" when I go to another field. If I click in the field, see the date information, then erase and re-enter it manually, it then shows and acts normally.  If I try to look at the index for that field, the only one that shows is the one I manually entered, the other 290 records still have a "?" in them which also appears one time in the index view. If I CREATE a new record, things act normally. The new creation date (today) appears in the record AND shows in the index.  It SEEMS that, upon importing into FM 10 something happens to the nature of the "creation date" data prohibiting viewing the date data in browse, or allowing that data to be indexed. (I've tried both index all and no index, make one of necessary options - no change).  Also, in the preview mode, that field is blank unless I have manually entered the creation date again (or created a new file). I have a file available for examination, if desired  Mac OS 10.5.7    FileMaker Pro 10.0