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    Critical Knowledgebase article contains misleading information



      Critical Knowledgebase article contains misleading information


      FileMaker Server



      Description of the issue

      Knowledgebase article 11058 states: "... and update Java to the latest version". The "latest version" is now Java 7 which is incompatible with FMS 11. Since updates of Java 6 have stopped at Update 37, the article should be amended to say "update to Java 6 Update 37. Note that Java 7 is not compatible with FMS 11).

      It could also further note as the article does elsewhere, that uninstalling FMS and all versions of Java and then re-installing FMS 11 (and updating to FMS 11.0v5) will result in a correct installation of Java 6 Update 37.

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          Will Loving: 

               Thank you for the post.


               I am not able to replicate. I am able to install, launch, and administer the FileMaker Server 11.0v5 Admin Console, using Java 7 update 40 on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8.5.


               What is the operating system for the FileMaker Server and what browser(s) were tried?



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Thanks for responding. while you may be able to install FMS 11.0v5 with Java 7 Update 40, FM Knowledgebase article 11569 clearly states: "FileMaker Server 11 and FileMaker Server 11 Advanced are not certified or tested with Java 7 on Windows." That means that Java 6 Update 37, the last Java 6 update, would be the only version of Java supported by FMI for use with FMS 11.

                 I'm sorry I didn't clarify that this was on Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 SP1. They are running FMS 11 Advanced with OCBC/JDBC on but Web Publishing off.  It was previously running FMS 11.0v3 and, I believe Java 6 Update 37. An automatic Java update caused it to be updated to Java 7 update 40 at which point they started repeatedly getting an error dialog either when starting up the Admin Console or within a minute or so of it opening.

                 I don't have the exact text of the dialog in front of me but it indicated that something along the lines that the"Admin Console was unable to connect to the server." This meant that the Admin console had crashed but the FMS process was still running with no interruption. Re-opening the Admin Console resulted it opening and being navigable for a minute or so before crashing again with the same error.

                 We completely uninstalled FMS per the instructions in the knowledgebase article as well as uninstalling all version of Java. We then re-installed FMS 11.0v3 and then updated to 11.0v5 which left us with an installation of Java 7 Update 40.

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              Will Loving: 

                   Thank you for the reply.


                   Java 6 update 45 was the last Java 6 update. 


                   Java 6 update 37 was the last version to be included with the FileMaker Server 11 installation.


                   "Not certified or tested" does not mean incompatible, but that FileMaker Inc. did not go back and test Java 7 on Windows.


                   FileMaker Server 11 is 32-bit and the version of Java should also be 32-bit. Installing the 64-bit version of Java could cause the symptom described: "unable to connect to the server."


                   The FileMaker Server Admin Console is a Java applet. Not being able to access the FileMaker Server Start Page at http://<serverIP>:16000 does not indicate an Admin Console crash but an inability to connect to the Admin Server process through the browser. When I experienced similar symptoms in the past and the FileMaker processes were still running, the wrong version of Java was the cause.


                   So, some additional questions to assist us in further narrowing this down:


                   1. What is the version of Java 7? 64-bit or 32-bit?

                   2. What browser(s) were tried?



                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     The Startup page loads correctly and the Admin Console login appears and accepts the login information. We're only getting the error message when after the Admin Console has been open and editable for about one minute, maybe a little longer.

                     The version of Java installed is Java 6 Update 37, as installed by the FMS 11.0v5 installer. I'm pretty sure this is the 32-bit version.

                     So, there is no issue with the browser or the Startup Page. The "Admin Console cannot connect to the server" error message happens only after the Console is open and then crashes. It can immediately be re-opened and will then crash again within a minute or so. It was originally reported to me that the same error was being observed at some point in the Admin Console startup process, possibly after the login but before the Console window opened, but I have not observed this since we did the clean install, only the crashing one minute or so after opening.

                     I will have the exact language of the error message and some timing on how long it takes to happen.