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    csv Import issue



      csv Import issue


      FileMaker Pro


      Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced

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      Mac OS X

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      When importing csv files to update matching records in a found set, only parts of the csv file are able to match, if any. I am trying to match based on email and when looking at the individual files in filemaker pro and comparing them to the csv file, the emails should match.

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          Might there be some non visible characters such as a space in the match field in FileMaker or the corresponding column in the CSV file?

          Did you have a found set of all records at the time you imported? (If you read the options in the import records dialog, it indicates that you are matching against your found set so if a record isn't in the found set, your csv data can't be matched against it.)

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            Thanks PhilModJunk,

            Its possible that there are a couple non visible characters that are causing the mismatch, but not enough for 650 files not to work.

            I had no found set at all. I just had the "Total (unsorted)" records pulled up, but I assume thats what your talking about.



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              Every table occurrence in every FileMaker window always has a found set. This can be anywhere from 0 to all records in that occurrence's table.

              98% of the time, this type of import should be preceded by a Show All Records performed on a layout based on the same table occurrence as the one selected as the "target table" (occurrence). This is true for both scripted and manual imports.

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                I made sure I had a found set of all records when I imported and I got a slightly better result (4 out of 100 records) but still having issues.


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                  Then I would take a very close look at the 4 records that didn't match for issues that would keep the values from matching.

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                    Sorry PhilModJunk,

                    I was misunderstood, only 4 out of 100 records were ABLE to import.