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cursor is not placed correctly during certain field data entry

Question asked by user16881 on Apr 3, 2014
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cursor is not placed correctly during certain field data entry


FileMaker Pro


advanced 13v2

Operating system version

Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Description of the issue

Issue can happen various times.  The beam cursor displays / appears 1 space away from where the cursor is really located.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Paste some text into an empty text box then displayed cursor will have a space after pasted text.  Then delete the final character.  For example paste of "" will display "[gap][beam cursor display]" but function for deleting a character as "[beam cursor location]"  If one moves to another window and returns the cursor will place correctly.  Backspace one time display "[gap][beam cursor display]"  Each character deleted has the [gap][beam cursor display].

It took several attempts to capture the cursor versus and I cropped the image to show input and beam cursor.

Left arrow will cause the cursor to move left but cease displaying the beam cursor.  Four left arrow will move the cursor 4 positions and backspace will delete correctly but beam cursor does not display.

Expected result

cursor will not have a physical [gap]

Actual result

cursor has a gap; this makes it very challenging to do data entry and/or editing; if you don't have a solution I am punting and going backward

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear