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custom solution Find bug - I have 6 images to upload but I am not allowed.

Question asked by murrayk on Apr 21, 2011
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custom solution Find bug - I have 6 images to upload but I am not allowed.


FileMaker Go



Operating system version


Description of the issue

In Find Mode, using custom dialog to input a search criteria, when using a button 'last message choice = 1' and button labeled Search... it crash.

Steps to reproduce the problem

There are various step to move towards the necessary screen, all using
'show custom dialog' without 'input field'.  They are choices to direct
user to the proper layout;

  Once in the final layout, last step offer 3 search options:  Again all
via custom dialog without input fields.
     On any selected choices (3 options)
         Enter Find mode
         Show custom dialog
         Input field with 3 choices (some are same table, some are related
              Than 2 choices (Search, Cancel)
                       last message choice = 1, Search, last message
choice = 2 Cancel
                              Once data is entered into Input Field from
Custom dialog, and 'Search' is selected, crash

I reviewed all steps, trigger, relation, script debug, featured used and
compare to feature supported in FM Go
    Found one feature not supported - show/hide Text Ruler, removed this
script step, re-test, crash again

Expected result

On button 'Search' activated, Perform Find, suppose to perform find,
if more than one (> 1, go to list) and display results

Actual result

On button 'Search' activated, crash

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error message

Configuration information