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Custom View Record Privilege that evaluates a field to a global variable does not work with related...

Question asked by aewerdt on May 27, 2014
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Custom View Record Privilege that evaluates a field to a global variable does not work with related data on Go.


FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 13.0.4

Operating system version

iOS 7.1.1

Description of the issue

Custom Record View privileges are set up for each table so that tableA::ID_User = $$userID and tableB::ID_User = $$userID. ID_User is set automatically in each table on creation to equal $$userID. This is done so that users can only view records they have created.

In FileMaker Pro, within a layout for table a that displays data from both table a and table b, security is properly applied to records of both tables.

In FileMaker Go within that same layout, security is applied properly only to data of table a. Data of table b; whether it is shown as a field or a portal, is blank.

Steps to reproduce the problem

To make sure other issues weren't involved, I reproduced this using the Inventory starter solution:
- For the two tables Inventory and Stock Transactions, create a text field ID_Clinic, and set auto enter calculation to equal $$clinicID.
- Create a Privilege set. It can have permissions to everything, but give custom view privileges to the records of Inventory and Stock Transactions such that ID_Clinic = $$clinicID.
- Assign a user account to this new privilege set.
- Edit the 'Trigger | On First Window Open' script and add to the end "Set Variable [$$clinicID; Value:Get (AccountPrivilegeSetName )].
- In FileMaker Pro, log in and create a new item and a new transaction. If you look at a table view, the new records should have ID_Clinic equal your privilege set name
- Share the solution in FileMaker Pro or on a Server and open via FileMaker Network using FileMaker Go.
- In FileMaker Go, log in using the new user and browse to the Desktop -> Product Details layout (only because it is a layout that displays the transaction data as well).
- Unlike FileMaker Pro, which shows all data, FileMaker Go does not display any data from the related Stock Transactions table.

I can upload this Inventory database if requested.

Expected result

The same as FileMaker Pro, so that my multi-user database works on all platforms.